5 last minute gift ideas

Looking for last minute gift ideas? Don't worry, we have five exceptional suggestions that will satisfy your loved ones in the blink of an eye. Discover our carefully chosen selection to offer you original and thoughtful options, even in the last moments. From the useful to the unforgettable, these suggestions will delight your recipients and transform your search for last-minute gifts into a successful experience.

Winter Sweetness Gift Box - Christmas Chai - The perfect hostess gift

Give a memorable gift when you go out to visit friends during the holiday season! Our Christmas Chai Box is the ideal hostess gift. This delicious Christmas Chai blend offers a unique sensory experience with its spicy aromas, enveloping everyone in comforting warmth.

This festive herbal tea was specially designed by boutique 4T , a renowned Quebec company specializing in the creation of natural care for pregnancy and the postpartum period, as well as a variety of products suitable for the whole family. Each cup, meticulously painted by hand, becomes a charming and authentic work of art, adding a touch of originality to each tasting.

The candle included in the box adds an extra dimension to the experience. Perfect for creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere, it allows you to fully enjoy these moments of relaxation. Offering the Christmas Chai Box means offering much more than a hot drink; it's offering an enchanted break where every detail has been thought of to awaken the senses and create unforgettable memories. A gift that will charm and delight your hosts during the festive season.

The box includes:

  • 1 x Envelope of Herbal Tea - Christmas Chai
  • 1 x Candle
  • 1 x Hand painted mug

The box, valued at $50.00, is available in our Bromont store and online for only $35.00. Find our Winter Sweetness - Christmas Chai box here .

The Winter Duo - To face winter in style

Face winter in style with our exceptional winter duo, the perfect gift to stay stylish in cold weather. This duo includes a bamboo and cotton knit hat, as well as a pair of mittens carefully made from our workshop cut scraps.

The bamboo and cotton knit beanie provides luxurious warmth and a soft feel against the winter chill. The marriage of bamboo, known for its exceptional insulating properties, with cotton brings a touch of sophistication to your look while keeping you warm in style.

The mittens, carefully made from recycled polyester, are lined with micro polar to ensure warmth and comfort. Each pair is made from our own workshop cutting scraps, thus contributing to the reduction of waste and the preservation of the environment.

This winter duo isn't just a set of accessories, it's a fashion statement that lets you face cold days with confidence and elegance. Whether you're walking around town or enjoying outdoor activities, this duo not only ensures protection against the cold, but also a distinguished look.

Opt for this gift designed to combine practicality, comfort and aesthetics. Give your loved ones the experience of a winter that is both warm and stylish. With this duo, winter becomes a fashion season in its own right, where every day is an opportunity to shine, even in the snow.

The duo, valued at $42.00, is available in our Bromont store and online for only $30.00. Find the Winter Duo here .

The Baby Softness Gift box - For the new arrival in the family

Celebrate the arrival of the newborn into the family with our Baby Softness Box, a tender and thoughtful gift that will delight parents and cherish the little one. This carefully designed gift set is full of sweet accessories to accompany baby's first precious moments, making each set a unique creation.

Each Baby Softness Box is a true declaration of affection, bringing together a thoughtful selection of delicate accessories to pamper the new arrival. Each box is assembled with meticulous attention, ensuring that it reflects the love and uniqueness of the newborn.

Whether for evening cuddles, moments of gentle play or tender moments shared with family, the Baby Softness Box is an exceptional way to celebrate the arrival of this little piece of happiness. Give a gift that touches the heart and creates unforgettable memories during this special time of life.

Several boxes at different prices are offered in our Bromont store or online. Check out the entire collection here .

The Douceur Maman box set - For all mothers

Give the mother who brightens up your winter a gift full of softness with our Winter Softness Set. This carefully selected set includes exceptionally soft black bamboo pajamas and an Enchanted Forest bubble bath for unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Black bamboo pajamas are much more than just sleepwear. Its luxurious bamboo material offers enveloping softness, providing a feeling of comfort and warmth during cool winter nights. The elegant cut and refined details add a touch of sophistication to every relaxing moment.

The Enchanted Forest bubble bath is the perfect complement to a relaxing experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting notes of the forest, let yourself be carried away by the delicate moss and treat yourself to a moment of calm and serenity. This bubble bath transforms every bath into a soothing escape into the heart of nature.

This Winter Softness Set is a declaration of love and well-being for the special mom in your life. Whether for a pampering evening or a peaceful night, this set offers a complete sensory experience, combining the comfort of bamboo pajamas with the soothing magic of a bubble bath. Give a gift that celebrates the sweetness of winter and warms the heart of the mother who receives it.

The box includes:

  • 1 x Mama pajamas
  • 1 x Enchanted Forest Bubble Bath from the 4T store

The box set, valued at $134.00, is available in our Bromont store and online for only $105.00. Find the Douceur Maman box set here .

Cocooning set for mom

Treat the special mom in your life to some well-deserved relaxation with our Cocooning Set, a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. This carefully curated set includes an ultra-soft Cocoon Jacket, a versatile white basic cami, and a soft bamboo rayon jogger, all created to deliver an incomparable cocooning experience.

The Cocon jacket is an embrace of softness, perfect for snuggling up during relaxing moments at home. Its ultra-soft texture provides instant comfort, making every moment of relaxation a pure moment of happiness. Designed to combine style and comfort, the Cocon jacket will quickly become the essential companion for the modern mother.

The basic white camisole, for its part, adapts to all occasions. Its elegant simplicity makes it a versatile choice, whether relaxing at home or adding a chic touch to a casual outing. A basic that goes with everything, for a hassle-free wardrobe.

The bamboo rayon jogger, in practical black, offers the ultimate in comfort for moments of relaxation. Its soft rayon from bamboo material provides a luxurious feel, while its relaxed fit adds a touch of modernity. Ideal for relaxing while remaining stylish.

Give the mom in your life the ultimate pampering experience with this perfectly matched set. Whether for a quiet day at home or to create a casual look in the city, this Cocooning Set brings a touch of luxury to every moment of well-being. A gift designed to celebrate the mother and offer her the comfort she deserves.

The Set includes:

  • 1 x Cocoon Jacket
  • 1 x White Basic Camisole
  • 1 x Black Romy Jogger

The set, valued at $182.00, is available in our Bromont store and online for only $130.00. Find the cocooning set here .

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