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Nursing clothes


      Why deprive yourself of style during the wonderful period of breastfeeding?

      Our nursing clothes are ingeniously designed to be functional and comfortable. Plus, our nursing clothes allow you to breastfeed your baby anywhere and with utmost discretion. Our nursing clothes can be worn during pregnancy as well as after the birth of your child, throughout the entire breastfeeding period.

      Versatile and functional nursing clothes!

      Nursing clothing provides easy access to the breast, allowing you to feed your baby quickly and easily without having to lift up your entire top. We have designed our nursing clothes to be versatile. All our nursing tops can be worn before, during, and after your pregnancy. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and patterns in our nursing clothing collection.

      Discreet and comfortable nursing clothes!

      Our nursing clothes have been specially designed to allow you to breastfeed your baby anywhere and with utmost discretion, while still looking like regular clothes. We have added clever little details, such as hidden openings or invisible zippers, that make all the difference! These discreet openings in the nursing clothing allow for easy access to the breast, which is especially useful for mothers, especially during the early weeks when breastfeeding can be challenging.

      We understand that comfort is also a priority for breastfeeding moms, which is why we have chosen soft and stretchy fabrics for our nursing clothes. They are designed to accommodate changes in breast size and provide maximum comfort at all times. With our nursing clothes, you can confidently feed your baby wherever you are, while being comfortable and looking like regular clothes.

      We place great importance on sustainability in the manufacturing of our nursing clothes. We prioritize the use of certified OEKO-TEX natural fibers. This certification ensures that the fabrics and their manufacturing process are environmentally friendly. They contain no harmful substances or by-products for your health and that of your baby. We also prioritize the use of breathable materials to help regulate body temperature and prevent excessive sweating.

      We are proud to present our collection of nursing clothes, which are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshop in Bromont, Quebec. We are committed to producing clothing responsibly, using sustainable materials and adhering to strict ethical standards.

      Our nursing clothes are designed to be versatile, just like our maternity clothes. We want you to be able to enjoy your nursing garment for a long time. In addition to our nursing clothing collection, we also offer a collection of baby clothes made with the same quality fabrics. You can discover our collection of baby clothes here and find matching outfits for a perfectly coordinated look.