pantalon de maternité

Maternity pants


      Welcome, expectant mothers! If you're in search of a comfortable and practical pair of maternity pants, you've come to the right place! Our collection of maternity pants has been carefully designed to meet all the needs of moms who want to combine style and comfort during their pregnancy.

      Our maternity pants are made with high-quality fabrics that incorporate elastane, a stretchy fiber that allows our maternity pants to adapt to the changes in your body during pregnancy. You can be confident that our pants will remain comfortable throughout your pregnancy. We offer a variety of waistbands, from wide bands that provide optimal support by covering a good portion of the belly to narrow bands that are worn under the belly for added comfort.

      We also have a wide selection of cuts to suit all styles, from classic cuts to contemporary ones. You can easily mix and match them with any top or accessory for a trendy and comfortable look.

      We take pride in saying that all our maternity pants, except for our jeans, are locally made here in Quebec, in our workshop in Bromont. We pay great attention to detail and the quality of our products to offer you ethical and responsible maternity pants.

      Ultimately, if you're looking for practical, comfortable, and stylish maternity pants, our collection is made for you. We also have a range of equally clever and practical maternity shorts for those hot summer days. You can view our collection of maternity shorts here.

      Feel free to browse our collection and choose the perfect pair of maternity pants for you! And remember, we're here to accompany you throughout your pregnancy.