Maternity Clothing: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Maternity clothing follows the same sizing principles as standard clothing. In other words, if you usually wear a medium size, you'll also opt for a medium size in maternity wear. The same logic applies to numbered sizes: a classic size 6 or 28 corresponds to a size 6 or 28 in maternity clothing. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that your waist measurement will remain at 28 inches throughout your pregnancy. Clothing manufacturers have simply chosen to maintain the same sizing to make maternity shopping easier, avoiding any confusion during your first experience shopping for maternity wear. Thanks to this size uniformity, you will find that purchasing maternity clothing is simpler than you think!

However, it's important to note that there is no universal standard for sizes in the fashion industry, including maternity wear. Sizes can vary from one brand to another. Therefore, it's essential to take your measurements and consult specific maternity clothing size charts to ensure an optimal fit before making your purchase. You can find the size chart for Atelier Véronique B here.

When you're pregnant and trying to determine your clothing size, two key measurements are important: bust and hip circumference. Bust circumference is particularly crucial when looking for the right top size, while hip circumference is essential for finding the right pants, shorts, or skirts size.

How to Take Your Measurements Correctly

Measure your bust: It's essential to measure the widest part of your chest using a flexible measuring tape. Make sure the tape passes under your arms.

Measure your hips: It's important to measure the widest part of your hips, where the measurement is the largest.

Tip: If you don't have a flexible measuring tape or tailor's tape, you can use a string to take your measurements. Then, you can transfer this measurement to a measuring tape to obtain precise numbers.

What about bras?

The same empirical rule also applies to maternity bra sizes. It's important to note that your usual bra size may change during your pregnancy as your breasts grow. Fortunately, many maternity bra brands are designed with highly elastic fabrics that adapt to the changes in your chest. Additionally, many maternity bras are wire-free, ensuring better comfort.

You can take your own measurements at home to find the bra size that fits you. Afterwards, you can match your measurements to the maternity size chart of a specific brand. Some companies also offer specific options for larger cup sizes, such as full-bust bras. An interesting alternative to consider.

Moreover, if you have bras that fit you well before pregnancy, you can extend their lifespan by using a bra extender throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

Do I really need maternity clothing?

Just like early pregnancy symptoms, the need to purchase maternity wear can vary from person to person. During the early months of your pregnancy, you may be able to get by with comfortable and loose-fitting clothing from your current wardrobe, such as leggings, long dresses, and oversized sweaters.

There are also many tricks to delay the purchase of maternity clothing during the first trimester. Try using a hair elastic around the button of your pants to create more room for your growing belly, or make your own belly band to wear over your pants.

Around 12 to 18 weeks into your pregnancy, you will likely start showing obvious signs of your condition, and you may feel more comfortable in clothing specifically designed for your ever-changing body. Opting for a few basic maternity pieces is much more advantageous than wearing oversized and unflattering items or trying to squeeze into what's already in your wardrobe.

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